Car Chip Repair Service In NJ

Automotive Band-AidThe car chip repair service from CK Colours can restore your car’s appearance and helps with maintaining its value. Stone chips and small blemishes in the paint are a fact of life for almost every car on the road, and our technique for touching up those imperfections gets your vehicle looking like new, or as close as possible, without the expense of painting entire body panels.

Fast Service

We know people don’t want to have their cars tied up at the body shop for days or weeks on end, and our business is built around getting the job done quickly and correctly so you can get back on the road. Instead of tearing your car apart and doing an entire, costly paint job, we have special processes for restoring your vehicle’s eye-catching appeal in a way that’s fast and effective. Paint repairs are our specialty, and our same-day service means you don’t have to spend a lot on rental car fees.

Car Chip Repair At CK Colours

When chips are repaired with paint that doesn’t match the original paint perfectly, it can make a car look like it’s covered in spots. That’s why using factory-matched paint is an important detail in our stone chip and scratch repair paint services. We want your car to leave our shop looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor, so we make sure to get the colors right to give your car a smooth, shiny finish.

Touched Up Versus Repainted

Repainting a car, especially if it’s a rare or classic model, can reduce its resale value. At CK Colours, we understand that, and our techniques for touching up blemishes in your car’s paint leave your original paint intact. That means your car can be driven and enjoyed without decreasing its resale value with a full paint job.

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Everyday driving can take a toll on your car’s appearance. Stone chips can happen almost anywhere, and at CK Colours, we’re ready to restore your ride to its original beauty. Call us today at (609) 868-0925 to arrange an appointment for a fast, free estimate. Our online contact form is also available if you prefer to contact us using the internet.

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