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Whether your car is your prized possession or you want a reliable, good-looking vehicle to get you to and from the office, you need a shop that specializes in top-tier auto bodywork, as well as impressive customer service. CK Colours knows what it’s like to love your vehicle, and we’ll do everything in our power to get your car back on time and in even better shape than you expected.

Auto Body Work — Our Services

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  • Bumper Repair: Bumpers are made to protect the body of your car from damage, but dings and scrapes are unsightly and could lead to rust or further cracking. We offer both mobile and fixed-location bumper repair, sanding and filling gaps and dents, priming and then finishing up with factory-matched paint, gloss and UV protection.
  • Scratch Repair: Don’t let scratches ruin your day — or your car’s finish. With our partnership with Johnny Dents paintless dent removal, we make short work of even the deepest blemishes, executing touch-ups on scrapes and gashes so your car’s imperfections are a thing of the past.
  • Stone Chip Repair: When the car in front of you kicks up a rock, head for CK Colours and our stone chip repair team. We can fix chips without repainting the entire car for seamless, undetectable results in a fraction of the time.
  • Headlight Restoration: Breakage isn’t the only thing that can destroy your headlights. Long-term exposure to the elements can make your headlights oxidize or discolor. We use a special process to clear the headlight’s lens, restoring its original aesthetic and functionality.
  • Alloy Wheel Repair: Wheel and rim damage doesn’t have to be permanent. Give your alloy wheels a boost and say goodbye to curb rash with CK Colours resurfacing services that take paint and wheels back to factory color.
  • Detailing: Thanks to our partnership with AO Detailing, we have the ability to turn back the hands of time and make your car a star again. From dirt removal and oxidation repair to shampooing carpets and reconditioning leather to a final buff to create a high-luster gloss, our detailing is second to none.

Why CK Colours?

For nearly two decades, the team at CK Colours has restored vehicles in and around Pennsauken, New Jersey, helping their owners get back on the road without breaking the bank. We are staffed by experienced restoration specialists who take great pride in returning tired, broken-down automobiles to their former glory. We are fully committed to achieving the best results through craftsmanship and passion. You can expect that same dedication and integrity every time you visit our store. 

A Word From Our Customers

“You were so sweet and helpful. Can’t find too many companies like that anymore!”

“I know that fixing paint chips is not the easiest procedure, but these guys did a great job. I know where the chip is, but when I asked my wife to find it, took her a long time to spot it. Great place, great people, great work.”

Those are just two examples of praise from our satisfied customers. We can go on and on about our range of services or promise you incredible results, but nothing speaks as loudly as our customers themselves. Few things make us happier than giving our customers a great experience so they leave the shop with a car they love and a smile that won’t quit.

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Every car is unique, and no two scrapes and scratches are quite the same. For that reason, every repair service requires an estimate, and our team at CK Colours is thrilled to oblige. It’s time to find out for yourself just how far we’ll go to capture your loyalty. Contact us today for a fast, free quote and get your car back in ride-ready shape ASAP.

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CK Colours specializes in all areas of automotive paint and finish repair. We not only save valuable time with same day service, we eliminate car rental fees. Our unique techniques allow us to perform similar repairs as most body shops for a fraction of the cost.

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