Car Scratch Repair Shop In New Jersey

Working Buffing CarWhen your car takes on a bit of damage, a visit to our car scratch repair shop gets it looking as good as new. At CK Colours, we understand how important your car is to you, and we’re here to get it looking showroom ready for you. Our scratch repair service gets rid of blemishes in the paint, and our same-day service means your car isn’t tied up in the shop any longer than necessary.

Our Car Scratch Repair Shop

The CK Colours scratch repair shop specializes in repairing scratches in paint without repainting the entire body panel where the scratches are found. This gets your car back to you quicker, and it cuts repair costs. We hide deep scratches by blending them in and have a special technique for filling in scratches. The result is a scratch-free finish that looks blemish-free and shiny. We also fix stone chips and imperfections caused by everyday driving with OEM factory-matched colors that match your original paint.

Other Auto Body Service We Offer

We provide a variety of repair services in addition to our express paint repair service for blemishes like scratched paint. Our other services include:

  • Bumper repair services, which includes sanding and patching the damaged area, applying primer, factory-matched paint and clear coat. We also perform repairs for textured bumpers.
  • Headlight restoration services, which include removing oxidation and resurfacing your faded headlights.
  • Alloy wheel repair services, which includes resurfacing rims that have been abused and applies a new coat of paint to make them look as shiny as the rest of your car.
  • Detailing services, which cleans your car inside and restores its original shine on the outside.

Bring us your scratched, dirty car and depending on the service you select, when our technicians are done with it you get the pleasure of going home with a shiny vehicle that looks stunning inside and out.

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Our scratch repair service helps with maintaining your car’s resale value, and it’s a budget-friendly alternative to taking your vehicle to a shop for a full paint job. Call us today at (609) 868-0925 to arrange for a free estimate, or fill out our online contact form and someone will get back with you about your concerns as quickly as possible. With over 20 years in the auto body repair business, CK Colours has the experience to properly repair damage to your car’s paint at the best price possible.

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