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Car With Bright HeadlightsThere are a number of things that take away from the appearance of your car, and they can often be fixed in single-day service at CK Colours. Headlight restoration to get rid of oxidation and discoloration from exposure to the elements is one of those things. We bring over 20 years’ experience and a passion for making cars look good to every job we do.

Our Headlight Restoration Service

Our special process for restoring the appearance of headlights begins with removing oxidation. After the oxidation is cleared off the lenses, we apply a special UV-protected coating to resurface the lenses. This restores the original appearance of your headlights while helping to make sure the oxidation and fading doesn’t come back any time soon.

Our Scratch And Stone Chip Repair Services

When you bring your car in to have the headlights restored, consider having other issues that affect your car’s appearance fixed. Things like stones chips on the hood or scratches in the paint on the body panels take away from your vehicle’s original luster. With the headlights shining brightly again and paint that looks pristine and new, your car will be showroom ready.

Detailing and Alloy Wheel Repair

Detailing and alloy wheel repair are two of our other services that make a big impact on a car’s appearance. Our detailing services leave your car clean inside and out. We apply wax or sealer to the paint and condition the leather on your freshly cleaned seats to protect all exposed surfaces from UV rays.

When the finish on your alloy wheels has taken a lot of abuse, we resurface them. We then paint them to the original factory color. This is cheaper than buying new rims, but it makes your rims look new.

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Faded, oxidized headlights can diminish visibility for night driving. Plus, they detract from your car’s visual appeal. Our restoration service restores headlights to their original crystal clear sheen. Call us today at (608) 868-0925 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, or fill out our online contact form and one of our professionals will get back with you as quickly as possible.

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