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A Man With A Clipboard Crouched Next To A White CarAuto body work, from chip repair to full-scale rework of a bumper or door, can improve both the look and performance of your vehicle. Small dents and chips may seem like inconsequential issues, but they can become larger problems over time, and attending to little issues now helps save you the trouble later. Whether you’ve been in a fender bender or simply want to give your trusted car, truck or SUV a little makeover, the professionals at CK Colours are ready to help.

Auto Body Work Done At CK Colours

We offer comprehensive auto body service that helps you keep your vehicle looking great. Here are just some of the services you will find at CK Colours.

  • Chip and scratch repair to keep your paint job looking great and reduce the rust or other damage that can occur when your clear coat or paint coat is compromised.
  • Dent repair to remove unsightly indentations from your vehicle body or to address larger damage that might be impacting the way your car or truck functions on the road.
  • Paint jobs to give your vehicle a new, shiny makeover, ensuring the metal beneath is fully protected.
  • Headlight restoration to keep illumination forward on the road and ensure your safety when driving in dim lighting.
  • Bumper repair or replacement to remove the damage from fender benders or minor collisions and keep your safety systems intact.
  • Alloy wheel repair to address damage to wheels, keeping your vehicle looking great as you drive.
  • Detailing to refresh the look of your vehicle, protect the paint and remove any small defects or dirt that might cause damage if left in place.

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Don’t let minor scuffs and dings turn into bigger problems or drive your car in an unsightly or unsafe condition. Contact the auto body work pros at CK Colours today to find out more about our services and get a quote. Use our online form or text or call 609-868-0925 for a quick quote.

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